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Add a Touch of Wonder and Magic This Holiday Season!

Jolly Grams are letters from Santa, personalized for your loved ones with details that make it authentic.
Jolly Grams arrive in your mailbox during the holiday season, encouraging little ones to KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

Letters are personal to each child and include personal details that only 'the big guy' (Santa) would know ... (wink, wink). To top it off, letters are hand-stamped 'Santa's Village, North Pole.'


Multiple Jolly Gram letters sent to the same home are UNIQUE to each child/recipient. 

That means a DIFFERENT Jolly Gram letter is crafted for EACH child in the same home and that's what makes Jolly Grams MAGICAL!

2023 Jolly Grams Flyer.png

Jolly Grams 2023



We apologize for the early deadline, but considering the inconsistencies of the postal service, we chose an earlier deadline to ensure the letters reach the little ones on time.


The earlier deadline also allows time to fix any letters that were submitted incorrectly or need corrections.


We thank you in advance for your understanding and for your continued support.


To place your order, please click the online form button below and fill out the Jolly Gram form


After you fill out the Jolly Grams form, please pay for your Jolly Grams using the link below

please note

In order to ensure that each Jolly Gram is unique, all recipient information is required (except elf name, which is optional)


Multiple letters sent to the same home are unique to each child/recipient, therefore, one letter per child/recipient

Jolly Grams are signed by Santa and all letters will have a 'Santa's Village, North Pole' postmark on the envelope ... to increase the magic and wonder of the letter.

Jolly Grams Questions?

Please contact Beth at or fill out the quick form below

Thanks for reaching out regarding our Jolly Grams. Someone will reply soon.

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