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Thank You!

Thank you for supporting Glen Ellyn Junior Woman's Club.

Our Club is committed to bettering our communities, enriching our families, and empowering our members. All of this is achieved through the myriad of volunteer opportunities we offer and the inviting, social atmosphere in which we function.


Beneficiaries include: SCARCE, Teen Parent Connection, DuPagePADS, Supplies for Success and Partnership for Educational Progress (PEP Foundation), Glen Ellyn Children's Resource Center, Glen Ellyn Food Pantry, Glen Ellyn Volunteer Firefighter Company, People's Resource Center, and WSDRA.


Service Projects/Fundraisers include: Christmas Baskets Family Sponsorship Program, Jolly Grams, Project Linus, Volunteer Firefighters' Thanksgiving Dinner, Project Layette, our spring fundraiser, and more!

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Please make sure to check out our Calendar of Events page to find out when our next monthly member meeting is scheduled, where our next service project takes place, find out the details of our current or upcoming fundraiser, or find out which amazing local beneficiary we will be devoting our time and efforts to.

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