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Thank you for another successful year!

Dear Friends and Happy Holidays!

Merriam-Webster has chosen "authentic" as the Word of the Year for 2023, defining it as being "true to one’s own personality, spirit, or character." True to your unique personalities and characters, you have all been incredibly generous, thoughtful, and supportive. Your actions have made a significant impact on 155 low-income families and seniors, totaling over 650 local individuals —the most we've assisted in over a decade.


Hundreds of thoughtfully chosen gifts purchased by Secret Santas were delivered to our recipient families on Saturday, December 16th along with all the food, toiletries, fresh fruit, and extra toys we add to each Christmas Basket.

Already, we've received touching thank-you notes, such as this one: "Thank you very much for all the gifts. Thank you for the beautiful work you do. Thank you for giving love to families. Thank you for giving happiness to the children. May God bless you always. Merry Christmas 😊"

If you have stories or pictures to share, we'd love to hear from you. Please email with your experiences or upload any pictures to the Glen Ellyn Juniors Google Drive at


The Glen Ellyn Junior Woman’s Club is extremely fortunate to be able to coordinate this project

with the participation of such a generous and supportive community.

Formal thank you below as well as pictures from this years' service project.

2022 Pictures

Empty Gym.jpg

Empty Gym

Glen Ellyn Woman's Club Volunteers


Glen Ellyn Firefighters Volunteers


Delivery Day Volunteers


Donated Toys

Toys 2.jpg

Donated Toys

Juniors Volunteers.jpg

Juniors Vounteers


Rotary Volunteers

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